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Alison Angel
Alexa Model
FTV stands for first time videos, and from the quality of the movies (and not only movies) stored inside I can tell you that this will really redefine your idea of how stuff with hot young girls can be produced and brought to you. FTV Girls features hundreds of beauties from all over the world, doing really exciting solo scenes with masturbation on the menu, having girl-on-girl fun, playing with toys and sometimes even engaging in nasty fetish and public nudity. The site bridges unmatched crispness of hi-res photos (1090x730 and even 4000x3000!) without airbrushing and full quality movies with a unique feel, some nice interactivity (think FTV Challenge) and a bunch of extras, like a DVD store.

As you make your way to the first pages of this site, it immediately starts taking your mind and soul by storm – with a serious intention to get your cock by storm, too. The glamorous not-your-average-porn-site look persists through the entire place, and I can tell you, dude, that the guys behind the site made something really deserving this. Okay, not all of them are guys! The most curious of you can make their way to the 'About' section where extensive story on the site and its concept is given. The driving force behind FTVGirls are Robert and Melissa, combining approaches of a female model and an industry professional. The site makes a strong statement about its concept and content quality, defying beefed up member areas with boring underproduced content, heavily airbrushed. The guys mostly use a 35 mm camera, not digital, and they also claim 95% of their photos are not airbrushed. The site mission is making a site worth checking out – with natural playful models, beautiful camera work and features that make the member stay. The first impression is that they managed to do it! Okay, of course we're not going to miss out on their content, let's check whether the hype about it is really based on facts, not promo gimmick.

As you get into the member zone, the first thing that puts your eyes in danger of bulging out as if you were kicked in the back of your head is the number of models. The alphabetical list occupies pages after pages. About 8-9 ultra-sexy girls are added every month, each having a mag cover style thumbnail, clicking which you get to the girl's page with pretty links to photos and videos with this girl – and her measurements, too. The choice of girls, by the way, has earned the site owners a warm cozy place in paradise. All the girls are really beautiful, not overly sexy and looking like pornstars, but unique honeys each with her own style, attitude and charm. Some of them have butts to die for, others probably make the traffic stop with their boobs – in fact, there is something for everybody in there. The girls are mostly white, European and US, with some Asian, ebony and Latina beauties to make the picture complete. So, where were we? Ah yes, the girl page. The photo series have a very decent amount of photos, well over 50, with big crisp thumbnails – very cool! And the photos, guys, do kick some serious ass. Crisp, natural, looking artistic and very welcoming at the same time – observe the difference between digital and analog cameras! Sized about 1072 x 712, with plenty of close-ups and models looking like they're realty enjoying the process, the photos simply beg to be enjoyed over and over again. For the greedier types there is the BigPhoto section where 4000 x 3000 photos are available, with no Photoshop or similar crap, coming straight as they were taken by a high-class digital or 35mm camera. Holy smokes, there are over 140 zipped series each about 25-30 megs in size! You can set your imagination free, thinking about the hours of pleasure these are going to bring you.

And it's not even it! What we have left are the videos. These are even better, offering extensive background stories about the girls and videographer commentaries, with thousands of JPG vid caps available – and of course the AVI or WMV video files. All videos are split into 10-200 megabyte pieces, yes, sir, downloadable pieces. Setting up a codec available in the members section, you get a HQ 640 x 480 resolution for Windows Media 9 users. The videos also have plenty of close-ups, and an interesting bit is that the guys don't add music to their flicks, thinking this lame and cheesy. They even mention it in their FAQ. All you hear is the model and the background – and of course the former being a really sexy thing to hear! There are normally about 10 pieces of video in each episode, and each model got at least a couple of such episodes.

Even with content of such superior quality, we want more fun! And Robert and Melissa don’t mind giving us some. There is the so-called FTV Challenge, a contest to find out which girl does the hottest masturbation scene, which has most unique style, the hottest butts and breasts, and so on. Also on offer there are a bunch of bonus sites and a DVD store full-packed with original videos. You can have a Sneek Peek of what's going to appear inside next. By the way, about 30% of the models of FTV Girls never appear anywhere except this site, and others do things which they never did on other sites.

So, are you begging for the conclusion? Chew on this: FTV Girls was created by people who know what they are doing and how this should be done. It's not just a bunch of content thrown together (of course, it's very nice and sexy content, anyway). It's a well-developed site with each aspect revved up to possible maximum. Superior photos and videos, lots of curious background information and a great personal feel – these factors all together make FTV Girls more than worth the effort of pulling out your credit card, having a napkin ready and enjoying some of the finest beauties on the web!
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